UTC Awarded $3.2M AFRL Research Program in Multifunctional Materials Synthesis, Modeling & Characterization

DAYTON, Ohio – 26 Sept 2018 – UTC was recently awarded Task Order 3 of the Structural Composites Advanced Materials & Processes – Multifunctional (SCAMP-M) Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract worth up to $3.2M. UTC will be developing, modelling, and characterizing emerging materials to enable new functionality in polymer matrix composites, advanced materials, and devices for future Air Force assets and weapon systems applications. The effort will focus on developing materials, characterization methods and modeling techniques that will enable composite materials capable of sensing or responding to an external stimulus, with increased functionality, or able to be utilized for closed-loop process control. This effort is broken into two areas - Materials Synthesis and Materials Modeling and Characterization. In the area of Materials Synthesis, UTC will develop chemistries and synthesis techniques to create new materials that can allow for the mechanical, thermal, electrical, and electro-magnetic properties of the composite structure to be tailored. UTC will make use of first principles and physics-based predictions to help guide materials development and utilize existing composite processing techniques to incorporate new materials and functionalities. In the area of Materials Modeling and Characterization, UTC will characterize materials developed both in-house and externally using advanced characterization techniques; perform analysis of characterization data; develop theoretical and computation models to elucidate material property phenomena and predict material and composite properties. UTC will use models to guide and interpret the use of material sensing technologies in dynamic closed-loop process control.


TEM Image of a MXene Particle MXene particles are one material UTC is investigating for tailoring the multifunctional properties of composites.

“We are excited to continue to provide materials modeling and characterization research to AFRL under the SCAMP contract effort potentially providing a whole new capability to the Air Force”, says Dr. Keith Slinker, UTC Senior Scientist. Dr. Jim Malas, Director, Materials and Manufacturing stated; “we appreciate this opportunity to contribute to this important work for AFRL Composites Branch and the Air Force.”

UTC provides support to a variety of engineering, science and technology programs in the areas of academic research collaboration, aerospace systems, airbase systems, data analytics, materials and manufacturing, space vehicles and directed energy. UTC also assists in planning and management support for those programs including graphics development and meeting management. In 2017, UTC stood up the 3D Innovation Lab to consolidate initiatives in additive manufacturing and 3D printing (AM/3DP). Our aim is to improve the capability of AM to meet industry and defense needs. Major research thrusts include in situ process monitoring, hybrid laser processing, beam sources and control, multi-material powder bed processing, and advanced alloy development.