Aerospace Systems


Manned and Unmanned Platforms

  • Multidisciplinary Air Vehicle Design and Simulation
  • Subsonic to Hypersonic Flight Regimes
  • Flight Testing and Airworthiness
  • Air Vehicle Subsystem Integration

    Propulsion and Power

  • High Performance, Efficient Turbine Engines, Components, and Subsystems
  • Hypersonic Propulsion
  • Combined-Cycle Engines
  • Innovative Propulsion Concepts and Applications

    Energy Management
  • Aerospace Fuels
  • Integrated Aircraft/Engine Thermal Management
  • Efficient Power Generation and Conversion

  • Advanced Component Lifing Methodologies
  • Legacy System Energy Savings
  • Durability Testing & Analysis

    UTC proudly continues its over 50 years of support to the Air Force Research Laboratory’s air vehicle and propulsion system research.


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