Agile Airbase, Cyber & Academic Outreach

Agile Airbase and Cyber Systems

Deployable Energy
  • Energy efficient shelter technologies
  • Deployable system field testing and evaluation
  • Energy storage testing & evaluation
  • Renewable energy system integration & testing
Civil Engineering Materials and Processes
  • Materials synthesis and characterization
  • Organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry
  • Microbiology, biochemistry, bioprocessing
  • 3D printing with cementitious materials
  • Development and scale-up of materials for protection against chemical and biological agents
  • Remote, autonomous monitoring of groundwater contaminants
  • Firefighting foam contamination monitoring and remediation
  • Research and evaluation of non-fluorinated firefighting foams
  • Sensing and mitigation technologies to protect First Responders from hazardous substances

Academic Outreach

  • Strong partnerships with academic institutions
  • Expertise in STEM outreach activities supporting Materials and Manufacturing, Aerospace Systems, Information, Sensors, and Airman Systems Directorates
  • Program management oversight of K-12 STEM outreach activities
  • Experience in facilitating student internships supporting Government entities

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