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USA made UAV

Water / Air Quality Monitoring

Our Joint Venture - UTC-TCM, LLC – provides remote, autonomous environmental monitoring solutions and services based on gas chromatography (GC) and related technologies. Our system concept allows for the monitoring the quality of water sources and air. Our initial focus has concentrated on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in groundwater.


  • Affordable Additive Manufacturing System - laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) system for research, training, and production using proven off-the-shelf components where possible, and providing all available data to users at no additional charge.
  • Versatile: Our open-architecture systems and sensor solutions can be configured for your needs and budget. Our open layout allows easy integration of custom and third-party sensors and mechanisms. Components can be upgraded as needs and solutions evolve. Our design is customizable to meet your specific application requirements.



LOOKER provides reliable analytics with a rich flexible data platform that takes advantage of all the latest technology advancements of storing and processing huge amounts of data and visualizing it to make data-driven decisions.

  • LOOKER Unifies - See the full picture by easily combining data from disparate sources
  • LOOKER Transforms - Retain row-level detail and transform your data on the fly. No need for inflexible physical schemas or OLAP cubes
  • LOOKER Governs - Keep everyone on the same page by centralizing the definitions of your business metrics. Say “goodbye” to the chaos of workbook-based analytics
  • LOOKER Visualizes - Chart, graph, format, and visually explore your data, right in the same platform that you use to prepare and transform your data
  • LOOKER Delivers - Leverage the value of your data wherever you need it — across the web, on your mobile device, and right in your existing workflows

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