Sensors and Mission Systems (SMS)


To develop state-of-the-art, innovative, suitable, cost-effective C4ISR technology solutions for national defense, national security, and related applications.


To become a leading, highly-trusted, small-business provider of key autonomy-enabled technology for defense, security, and commercial solutions.

Our Team

The Sensors & Mission Systems (SMS) team is a cohesive, multi-disciplinary group of engineers with decades of collective R&D and operational experience. The SMS team is developing technology that addresses the warfighter needs of today while remaining robust and innovative enough for the military, national security, and commercial demands of tomorrow. By integrating state-of-the-art methods (such as those enabled by autonomy) with a requirements-driven, mission-centric, and fast-paced development approach, the SMS team is committed to delivering high quality, cost-effective solutions to its partners and customers in minimal time.

Our Laboratory

The SMS team has a dedicated research laboratory located at UTC’s headquarters near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Dayton, Ohio. It features prototyping capabilities for electronics hardware and embedded systems, and high-performance computer workstations for development of algorithms, software, and modeling and simulation applications. It also features sensors, sensor components, and testing equipment, which the team uses for prototyping and characterization.



Current Competencies and Focus Areas

Our competencies derive from the training, experience, ingenuity, love of learning, and drive for excellence of our engineers, scientists, and technicians. We are an agile, forward-leaning team that quickly learns, adapts, and adopts best-of-breed, state-of-the-art technologies and/or develops new solutions to customer problems. While we constantly grow our competencies, we are currently focusing on the following areas:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Autonomy
  • Control systems
  • Radar / lidar / photogrammetric signal processing
  • Spatial registration for materials state awareness and other applications
  • Low-cost ISR sensors
  • Sensor modeling and simulation, including mission tradeoff analysis
  • Aircrew protection systems
  • Mission assurance

Leveraging UTC Strengths

UTC has nearly 60 years of demonstrated excellence in performing, facilitating, and managing research, development, and technology transition to operations in several technical areas. To leverage that expertise and experience, the SMS team counts on the support of all UTC divisions and overall competencies:

  • Aerospace Systems
  • Civil Engineering Agile Airbase RDT&E
  • Commercial Products
  • Data Analytics (big data, analytics, custom software development)
  • Materials & Manufacturing
  • Meetings Management & Visual Graphics
  • 3D Innovation Laboratory (additive manufacturing R&D, equipment design & production, and custom services)

Based on its long history of success, UTC is a well-established and well-recognized small business in the defense sector, and it has developed a large network of large-company, small-business, independent-consultant, and academic partners that span most areas of science and technology research, development, and applications. The SMS team routinely engages members of this large team to quickly provide effective solutions to address customer needs. From their involvement in previous programs before joining UTC and from their work at the UTC Materials & Manufacturing Division, our SMS personnel have experience working with many U.S. military and industrial partners of various sizes. This work has included research, design, development, prototyping, testing, characterization, and optimization of materials, products, and manufacturing processes for a variety of avionics applications. Some of our SMS team members also have combat-zone experience in testing, evaluation, deployment, and operations of ISR technology and other avionics and mission systems.